Marketing and Branding

Our method is focused on far more than promotion of your product or service; instead our expert and experienced team work to carry out a comprehensive review of your business. We work to analyse and strengthen each division and process within your company, which we believe is the only way to gain a far deeper understanding of the whole, your position, strengths and opportunities, to make running your company as seamless as possible.

Following the essential "7 P’s of Marketing" Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence. we optimise every area of your business and promotions.

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Digital Marketing

A confusing collusion of skills and expertise; digital marketing can feel extremely overwhelming for a number of business owners. At Vivacity London we can help inform and implement your tailored online presence to convert browsers into leads.

Social Media Strategy

We believe behind every successful social media campaign there is a concrete strategy with aims, objectives and a calendar of activity that sees months allocated themes and celebrated days; all assigned to our social media experts with the right skill set to help drive activity forward.


Organic search, is undoubtedly, one of the most powerful methods of attracting new clients online. By identifying current trends and analysing Googles latest algorithms, our top SEO experts can ensure rich and sustainable SEO with powerful results.


Our copywriters focus on writing targeted marketing copy that helps increase conversions. Incorporating your esteemed services and values, we ensure your copy is consistent across all your marketing material and help shape a brand narrative that differentiates your company in the market place.

Video Production

Using original and inventive ideas, we create engaging video content that accurately conveys your brand message and involves consumers in your journey and story. From conception to delivery, our videos bring your brand to life like no other media can.


With a range of experience in organising events from the luxury to the spectacular we create unforgettable, meaningful events that are sure to impress your clients and enrich your brand. Clients hardly remember precisely what you say or do, but they will always remember how you make them feel.

Award Entries

Our expert team of copywriters write compelling award entries that offer an emotive insight into your company, project or outstanding member of the team. Writing convincing and persuasive copy; our team can take your story and convert it into an authentic entry that appeals to the judges, and helps businesses gain awards that offer esteem, guarantee respect and builds brand equity.



Thinking outside the box, template and mould at Vivacity London, we use creativity and innovative-thinking to help reenergise stagnant brands or shape burgeoning brands struggling to separate themselves from their competitors. With a talented staff boasting a fantastic array of skills, we will identify your weaknesses, highlight your strengths and, using our trademark process, help rejuvenate and define any property brand.

Web Design

Our web designers create beautiful, effective websites that are built to enhance the user experience. Clean, elegant and modern, each bespoke page has a natural flow and clear purpose, transporting viewers seamlessly through the marketing and sales journey.

Promotion And Advertising

Using our carefully cultivated network we are perfectly placed to find the right channels to advertise your venture. From property magazines to a wider audience, our experience and contacts will help make sure your brand message is seen in the right places by all the right people.


Product Assessment

Carrying out extensive market research, we work to ensure that your product or service is accurately targeted at the needs and wants of your consumers. Our assessments are thorough and rigorous, and can offer real added value to companies; with even minor tweaks leading to significant improvements.

Competitor Research

Understanding the strategy behind your competitors plays a vital part in ensuring your business can progress and flourish. We carry out a thorough competitor analysis, allowing us to compare and contrast and ultimately create far more effective and robust strategies.

Swot Analysis

This method analyses the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of any company, to help ensure its future plan is research and data based. By carrying out inward analysis from our own expert perspective, we help companies grow and thrive.

Brand Positioning

An abstract concept, brand positioning can be rather tricky as it isn’t a concrete concept. Instead, it relates to the associations your brand carries in the hearts and minds of clients. This sentiment should be carried across the entirety of your marketing strategy, to ensure your brand has a clear and definable place in the market. We support organisations as they work to develop their positioning to ensure brand positioning and association.

Pricing Strategy

A price should be the result of careful research and detailed analysis, about far more than just margins, it should work as part of your brand strategy to clarify your market position and reflect the true value of your product or service.

Brand Essence

Your brand essence is the culmination of your business ethics and values. Tremendously important and yet often forgotten, they form the crux of any new venture and help direct your trajectory. We can you identify your business essence and integrate this into your business and marketing strategies.

Content Strategy

At Vivacity London, our entire team work together to create an effective content strategy that helps inform the copy across your marketing material. Compelling, engaging and helping to build client loyalty, our content strategies are focused on thought leadership, identifying you as experts in your field.