Business Efficiency

Porter’s Value Chain Analysis

Established in the 1980s by Michael Porter, the Value Chain is an invaluable tool that analyses all the internal activities of a firm that help support their final output. Using the Value Chain we can then analyse your inner workings to help ensure you have a competitive advantage over other industry players.


Business Strategy

Our unique approach sees us truly understand a business, which means we can create realistic, effective strategies to drive companies forward. Forward thinking, proactive and carefully planned, our business strategies can help take property and construction businesses to the next level.   


Process Strategy

At Vivacity London our expert team work to identify any weaknesses, bottlenecks or inefficient steps in your work process, as we move towards strengthening your entire brand. This analysis can prove extremely helpful in driving forward some genuine internal change. 


Employee Engagement

An effective and enthusiastic staff can be the key to business growth. We work with businesses to help ensure their employees are motivated, on brand and effectively working for your business. Our team can also help develop more effective plans for attracting and retaining the best people to help business growth.